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Fleet Management Software Development Services

We provide exceptional fleet management software development services, leveraging modern and robust technologies. Our customized transportation software development services enable companies to reduce operational costs, streamline operations, and offer great control over the vehicles. With our technical expertise, experience, and machine learning algorithms, we can develop fleet solutions that help track precise locations, enhance efficiency, and know driver’s behavior.


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Fleet Management Software Development Solutions We Deliver

Our customized transportation management application development services are especially tailored to manage an array of vehicles, including:

fleet software for commercial vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

fleet software for private vehicles

Private Vehicles

fleet software for ship

Ships and Water Transportation Vehicles

fleet software for Aviation Vehicles

Aviation Vehicles

fleet for logistics

Package & Shipment Containers

Essential Features in Fleet Management Software

A custom online fleet management system comes with a wide range of features tailored to your unique demands, but the following are the essential ones. Every fleet management system must have:

Fuel Monitoring

Analyze fuel consumption, know vehicle mileage, track vehicle expenses, and improve fuel usage stats to reduce costs.

Driver Management

Monitor driver behavior, performance and documents effortlessly to securely meet the safety compliances.

Real-Time Tracking and GPS Monitoring

Get real-time updates about the accurate vehicle location and easily track it using the instant tracking feature.

Detailed Reports and Analytics

Get detailed reports of vehicle uptime, maintenance time, fuel and its cost utilization, mileage, operational costs, etc.
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Fleet Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is an essential feature that lets you schedule and provide servicing alerts for the vehicle in real-time.

Fleet Tracking

Monitor the vehicles at any instant of time, sitting anywhere in the world from the dashboard of the fleet vehicle tracking systems.

Insurance Renewal Alerts

Get instant notifications for insurance renewals, and P.U.C. renewals a few days before the expiration date.

Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

Help you with custom transportation software development services that let you align with the policies and regulatory compliance.


Check out our portfolio of vehicle tracking and management solutions that we developed for WHB Farms. WHB Farms couldn't manage its fleet with more than 2000 vehicles including trucks, trailers, and autos. Therefore, we developed personalized vehicle management software that lets them monitor vehicles, manage insurance, fuel reports, and data-driven insights and is packed with other essential features that you can know by looking at our portfolio.

Exceptional service from Dreamer Technoland! Their team was highly responsive, understanding our needs thoroughly. The software they developed exceeded our expectations, delivering excellent functionality and seamless user experience. Communication was clear and efficient throughout the project, making the entire process smooth and enjoyable. Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch software solutions!

Albert Wollman

President, WHB Farms

Features We Can Integrate in the Custom Fleet Management Software Development

With our customized fleet management software development services, you get an array of features enabling you to efficiently do everything such as real-time vehicle tracking, vehicle condition checking, and identifying fuel consumption patterns. Furthermore, our expert in-house team of talented developers can also build special functionality as per your demand that will not only improve business efficiency but also increase returns on investment.

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Fleet Route Optimization and Geofencing

With our customized fleet management app development services, you can get the functionality to choose the best possible route for a journey and set a boundary within the map to improve vehicle security.

  • Select the best route for the journey.
  • Real time route notifications and rerouting.
  • Improve vehicle security using geofencing feature.
  • Personalization as per the demands.

Collision Detection and Claim Management

Vehicles are prone to accidents and accidental damages which can be recovered using insurance claims and repairman collaboration solutions. With the personalized fleet management system development services, it is easier to integrate accidental detection and insurance claim management into the platform.

  • Collision detection with accurate geolocation.
  • Genuine collaborations with repairmen and similar service providers.
  • Documents and claim management.
  • Streamlined operations and vehicle safety.
fleet for WHB
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Vehicle Maintenance

Maintain the vehicles and ensure they stay in top-notch condition for optimum efficiency using our custom transportation management system development services. Effortlessly, schedule vehicle servicing and checks to ensure it is in perfect condition.

  • Perfect platform for scheduling maintenance and servicing.
  • Built-in repair order tracking portal.
  • Assures vehicle is in perfect condition and continues rides.
  • Enables you to focus on business operations and increase ROI.

Fleet and Fuel Tracking

Get complete control over the vehicle and know the fuel consumption patterns with personalized logistics and transportation software development services. It helps in getting complete visibility and control of the vehicle in real-time.

  • Real-time vehicle tracking and complete transparency with reports.
  • Monitor vehicle fuel consumption patterns and availability.
  • Reduce fuel costs by leveraging machine learning algorithms.
  • Get better control over the vehicle and streamline operations associated with it.
fleet management interface
fleet management screen

Dispatch Management Feature

The dispatch management feature lets you calculate the route length, time duration and optimize the pathways. Moreover, the custom transportation software development services let you comprehensively manage the dispatch and optimize resources.

  • Route optimization and rerouting for increased vehicle efficiency.
  • Vehicle tracking in real-time to ensure timely deliveries.
  • Utilize the optimum resources during the journey.
  • Easy integration with other systems for better visibility.

Budget Tracking and Expense Management

Manage all costs like fuel, management, insurance and operations from a single dashboard in real time to avoid future hassles. Our vehicle tracking and fleet management system tailored as per your needs lets you save costs and increase returns.

  • Save fuel costs with custom logistics software development.
  • Schedule periodical vehicle maintenance and services to ensure vehicle health.
  • Vehicle insurance, premium costs and expiration notifications are segregated in one dashboard.
  • Reduce significant operational costs and get more returns.
fleet management software screen
Driver stock market checker

Smooth Integrations with Fleet Management Software

A custom fleet management software should allow you to effortlessly integrate other tools and software like:

Fuel Cards: Blend in with the power of fleet management system and fuel cards to effectively track fuel costs and avoid frauds done by the drivers.


CRM Platforms: Combine the customer relationship management (CRM) platforms with the fleet management software to align data sync and business processes.


Telematics Devices: Fuse the telematics devices with the GPS fleet management solutions to collect vehicle data, driver behavior and fuel consumption.


Popular Customizations Involved in the Fleet Management Systems

A personalized logistics and transportation software development process involves crafting a platform that consists of features as per the business or individual's needs. These customization features enable a business to improve its process, track its expenses or enhance productivity within its organization. However, these are not all features people ask for because most of them vary according to their needs. Now, coming to the common features asked for are:


Feature Modification

Businesses often ask for personalization of the commercial fleet tracking system, it should allow them to change the platform by adding, removing and modifying the features to meet their needs and allow complete customization.

user interface icon

User Interface Personalization

Customization in the user interface enables businesses to modify the viewing screens and show only necessary items. Moreover, it allows the companies to add essential content on the screen and remove unnecessary ones.

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HRM Platform

A human resource platform integrated into a fleet management system lets the company keep the details of the employees segregated. Modifying custom logistics software and adding an HRM portal improve efficiency, track employee performance and elevate HR operations.

Dreamer Technoland's Exclusive: Safety Measures for Protecting the GPS Fleet Management Systems

In the modern era where software and websites are prone to DDoS attacks, hacks, and phishing, therefore, it is essential to safeguard the applications from potential cyber threats. We ensure that every platform we develop is secure against cyber threats.

security icon

Periodical Security Audits

Consistently monitor the vehicle management software to understand the vulnerabilities. If any potential threat is found under the security audit, then it should be fixed by releasing updates and security patches.

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Regular Backups

Periodical backup of the data, code and everything in between helps keep the platform intact in case of hacking, data loss and system failures. Enable a reliable backup plan to ensure everything is safe from cybersecurity incidents.

access control

Access Control

Access control is essential to make sure that only the responsible and authorized person has access to the platform and make changes. Multiple layers of security like two factor authentication (2FA) are a great way to safeguard the tracking and fleet management system.


Database Encryption

Encrypt sensitive data like passwords, usernames and other essential details to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the data is safe in all scenarios. Even if someone got access to your database, they won’t be able to utilize it anyway.

Id card

User Verification

Incorporate highly secure systems to prevent unauthorized access to the platform and with user verification only an authorized person can make essential changes to the platform. All the essential changes made to the platform should be communicated to the admin via email.

Why Dreamer Technoland?

Dreamer Technoland is a renowned development firm known for offering fleet management custom software development services that help businesses and individuals streamline their fleet operations. Following are our essential stats:

  • 8 Years into Development.
  • Utilizes Modern Technologies for Building Apps and Software
  • Delivered More than 700 Projects for Clients Across the Globe.

What is the Cost of Fleet Management Software Development?

Dreamer Technoland is a prominent fleet management mobile app development services provider with an in-house team of highly qualified and talented developers capable of building complex applications and software. Our prices for developing a personalized fleet tracking and management system range from $7,000 to $50,000. Nevertheless, these are not fixed prices because they may change depending on the complexity, features, customization and number of fleets to be managed. However, we would strongly recommend you consult us regarding the fleet management system development costs.

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