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Experience the future of beauty business with On Demand Beauty Services App. Whether you're a salon owner or a freelance beautician, discover how app can transform your business. Explore key features, stand out from competitors, and choose excellence.




Diverse Business Models, One Tailored Solution

On Demand Beauty Scheduling App Features for Freelance Beauticians, Independent Studios, Salon Chains, and Mobile Beauty Services

Freelance Beauticians

Freelance beauticians can seize opportunities to expand their clientele and streamline their operations. The app can help you manage your bookings efficiently, communicate with clients, and stay organized.

Independent Studios

Independent beauty studios can provide a more convenient booking process and enhance customer satisfaction by leveraging the app. Showcase your beauty services, manage appointments, and ensure that your clients enjoy a seamless experience.

Chain of Salons

Chains of salons can centralize their management and offer a consistent customer experience across multiple locations. The app enables you to monitor bookings, access data analytics, and optimize operations for each salon in your chain.

Mobile Beauty Services

Businesses offering mobile beauty services can enhance their scheduling and reach new clients. With the app, you can efficiently plan your appointments, navigate to client locations, and provide top-notch services wherever you go.


We helped Oak Haven Massage- a leading massage therapy center build a massage appointment scheduling software allowing them to streamline their online booking process. By using our customized massage booking software development services, Oak Haven Massage received a massive response from consumers with the new and intuitive platform.

Oak Heaven home screen

Diverse Industries Benefiting from On Demand Beauty Services App


Salons and Spas

With On Demand Beauty Services app, traditional salons and spas can extend their reach beyond their physical locations. Customers can book appointments conveniently, and businesses can efficiently manage their schedules.


Hotels and Resorts

Luxury hotels and resorts can enhance their guest experience by offering on-demand beauty services. It’s an added perk that guests appreciate, making their stay more memorable.


Event Planners

Event planners can utilize app to provide beauty services for weddings, corporate events, and special occasions. On-demand beauticians can be booked to ensure guests look their best.

Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs

Companies can incorporate beauty services into their wellness programs, promoting relaxation and self-care among employees. App makes it easy to book group sessions for employees to enjoy.

Beauty Services App

Exploring Essential Features of Our Beauty Service App development Solution

All the applications and software we have created so far are modified as per the client's demand and we incorporated the desired functionality. However, the team of experienced developers working with us can also build functionalities and features as per your needs. With the utilization of modern technology, we can create anything and everything that is possible in the technical ecosystem. Whether you need a customized beauty app development or a makeup artist booking app, count on us!

Customer Web and App

  • Streamlined Booking Process: Simplify the appointment booking process for customers. They can easily browse available services, select their preferred beautician, choose a convenient time slot, and book with just a few taps.
  • Service Customization: Allow customers to personalize their beauty treatments. From choosing specific products to customizing the length and type of service, app ensures a tailored experience.
  • Secure Payment Integration: Ensure that payments are made securely and conveniently within the app. Customers can pay using various trusted payment methods.
  • Real-time Tracking: Provide real-time updates on the beautician’s location and estimated time of arrival. Clients will appreciate the transparency and reliability.
Customer Web App Development Service
Beautician App Development

Beautician Web and App Development

  • Easy Appointment Management: Beauticians can efficiently manage their schedules, reducing scheduling conflicts and ensuring they’re always on time for appointments.
  • Client Database Access: Access to client information helps beauticians provide personalized services, such as using preferred products and remembering past treatments.
  • In-App Communication: Beauticians can communicate directly with clients through the app, ensuring a seamless experience and addressing any client questions or preferences.
  • Work Schedule Optimization: Beauticians can optimize their schedules based on location and demand. This means less idle time and more opportunities to serve clients effectively.

Admin Portal

  • Comprehensive Business Dashboard: As the business owner or manager, gain access to a comprehensive dashboard that provides insights into bookings, revenue, and customer trends. It’s your command center for data-driven decisions.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Dive deep into analytics and reporting tools that help you understand your business better. Identify trends, track performance, and make informed decisions.
  • Inventory Management: Efficiently manage inventory, ensuring you never run out of essential products. Track stock levels, place orders, and maintain inventory accuracy.
  • User Management and Permissions: Maintain control over user access and permissions within the system to ensure data security and maintain a smooth operation.
Beauty Admin Dashboard

Tailored Beauty Salon App Features That Distinguish You from the Competition

Setting New Standards in Beauty Services with Customized App Features

Personalized Beauty Profiles

Skin and Hair Analysis:

Elevate your salon’s offerings with the potential to provide in-depth skin and hair analysis through your app. Clients could receive personalized recommendations for treatments and products based on their unique skin and hair types.

Beauty Preferences Tracking:

Imagine having the ability to track and save client preferences, from favorite beauticians to preferred treatment styles. This could allow you to deliver a level of personalization that keeps clients coming back for more.

Product Recommendations:

Enhance your salon’s retail offerings by potentially integrating product recommendations into the app. You could suggest products that align with each client’s specific needs, increasing the likelihood of sales and client satisfaction.

Personalized Beauty App
Rewards Program Software

Loyalty and Rewards Program

Points System:

App could potentially support a points-based loyalty program to reward loyal clients. Clients might earn points for each booking and could potentially redeem them for discounts or free services, creating incentives for repeat visits.

Exclusive Discounts:

Consider offering exclusive discounts and promotions to app users. This feature could encourage clients to book through the app, fostering customer loyalty and engagement.

Referral Rewards:

Encourage clients to refer friends and family by potentially offering referral rewards. When clients refer new customers through the app, they could receive incentives, expanding your customer base organically.

Integration with Social Media

Seamless Sharing of Experience:

The app could potentially allow clients to seamlessly share their experience on social media directly through the app. This feature could not only promote your business but also enhance your online presence.

User-Generated Content Promotion:

Empower clients to post reviews, photos, and testimonials through the app. You could share this user-generated content on your website and social channels to build trust and credibility.

Influencer Collaborations:

Consider collaborating with beauty influencers to promote your beauty services and app. App could facilitate influencer partnerships, making it easier to reach a broader audience.

Social Media Banner
Manage Appointments for Beauty Service

Seamlessly Plan and Manage Appointments

Pre-Booking Convenience:

One of the standout features of custom-made beauty salon app is the ability for clients to pre-book their appointments. This means clients can plan their beauty sessions well in advance, ensuring they secure their preferred time slots with their favorite beauticians.

Effortless Cancellation:

We understand that plans can change. That’s why clients should be provided with the flexibility to cancel appointments when needed, all from the convenience of their mobile device.

In-App Product Purchase

Simplify Product Purchases:

Provide ability for clients to purchase products directly within the app. Imagine the convenience of clients being able to browse your product catalog, make their selections, and complete their purchases in just a few taps.

Product Recommendations:

App doesn’t just stop at allowing product purchases. It can also offer product recommendations based on the client’s previous purchases or preferences. This personalized touch can lead to increased sales and enhance the overall client experience.

Product Purchase Scaled App

Advanced Features to Differentiate from Others

We build a beauty salon appointment app with diverse functionalities that will move your business towards growth and offer you a competitive advantage with the following features:

Virtual Try On Icon

Virtual Try On

It is a great feature that enables the clients to test how a hairstyle, makeup look, or beauty product appears on them. The virtual try-on feature adds a charm and helps the clients in making informed decisions. 

membership icon

Subscription and Membership

Adding the subscription and membership feature is a marketing technique to capture a client and make him yours for a longer duration. It is an awesome way to increase sales and boost ROI. 

Call Support Icon

Chat and Call Support

Customer support is the top priority, especially in the fashion and beauty industry. Our custom beauty salon booking system allows your clients to raise tickets and you to resolve consumer issues via the call and chat feature of the application. 

Multi-Platform Access Icon

Multi-Platform Access

Effortlessly sync everything between the app and software on the phone, desktop, and laptop. Multi-platform access promotes productivity and saves time involved in launching the app or software on a dedicated platform.

Customer Reviews Icon

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Allow clients to share their honest reviews about your services along with images. Attaching pictures in the reviews increases its credibility and trust. 

Automated Reminders

Automated Reminders and Notifications

App reminders and real-time notifications to the client and beauticians regarding a booking allow both to meet on time and fulfill appointment purposes.

Multiple Payment Icon

Multiple Payment Options

Clients often lack traditional payment modes thus having multiple payment channels facilitates them to complete their order or appointment effortlessly.  

GPS location tracking

GPS-Based Location Tracking

This feature on the app for beauty services at home enables the client to track the location of a beautician or barber approaching for a home visit. Furthermore, it also navigates your clients to the salon or parlour using the beauty salon appointment app. 

Partnering for Beauty Scheduling App development Solution

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  • Years of Industry Experience
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  • Dedicated Team of Developers

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  • Tailored Solutions for Unique Business Needs
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Continuous Improvement Based on Feedback

Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Staying Ahead of Industry Trends
  • Regular Software Updates
  • Data Security and Privacy Assurance

Our Approach Towards Building Beauty Scheduling App Development

Dreamer Technoland is a prominent platform for salon booking app development and beauty services app development, offering top-tier solutions for the fashion and beauty industry. With the utilization of modern technologies followed by the systematic development approach, we can build the platform as per you and your business desires. Our comprehensive approach has multiple steps involved to ensure everything is crafted with utmost accuracy and functions perfectly. Below is the outline of the process, we follow at Dreamer Technoland for creating a premium beauty salon appointment app:


Project Analysis

Initially, we understand the project requirements and begin with the research phase. Based on your needs, we start gathering the essential data and move to the next step. 


UI design icon

UI/UX Designing

Once we have gained your necessities, we move to designing the interface of the beauty salon management software. Our goal is to build a user-friendly interface where a user can navigate smoothly. 


Application Development

Our next step is to begin the beauty services app development process carried out by our in-house team of skilled and experienced developers. 


QA icon

Testing the Application

After the beauty salon mobile app development, we move towards the testing of the platform. Our testing team deeply tests the app and software to eliminate potential bugs and improve its performance. 


Final Project Launch

The final step is to deploy the code and launch the beauty salon appointment app on the desired platform. 

That is our approach to a featurerich salon booking app development! However, it might sound very basic, but it isn’t. Our streamlined process is outstanding from the rest because we have the capabilities to build unique functionalities that will help you get a competitive advantage. 

What is the Cost of Beauty Salon Mobile App Development?

We are a reputed custom beauty, spa, and massage mobile app development service provider with a relentlessly determined team of developers proficient in building complex functionalities. Our prices for building a personalized on demand beauty service app development range from $8,000 to $30,000. However, these are not fixed prices as they may vary depending on the features, complexity, and customization. But we would highly recommend you schedule a consultation for clarity regarding the costs involved in the building of a beauty salon booking system. mobile

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