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Risk Management

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Risq Trader sought to offer their clients a powerful trading platform integrated with Tradestation, designed to optimize trading efficiency while mitigating risk. They were looking for custom trading software development company to create tailor-made solutions that optimize trading efficiency and risk management. Here’s how our platform enhances the trading experience:

  1. Multiple Tradestation Account Linking: Traders can seamlessly link and manage multiple Tradestation accounts within the platform, simplifying account management and providing flexibility.
  2. Integrated Order Management: Our system enables traders to place orders with stop loss and target levels, all tied together using bracket order functionality. This feature ensures efficient trade execution and risk management.
  3. Risk Limit Alert System: Traders can set predefined risk limits, and the platform alerts them if an order’s risk exceeds the defined threshold, allowing for prompt risk management decisions.
  4. Real-time Order Tracking: Users can easily track the status and progress of each order, providing transparency and ensuring informed decision-making.
  5. Automated GTC Order Renewal: Our platform automatically renews Good ‘Til Canceled (GTC) orders upon reaching their expiry dates within Tradestation, ensuring continuous order execution.
  6. Secure Local Deployment: The system is deployed on the client’s local machine using Docker, ensuring data privacy and providing a secure trading environment.
  7. Admin Access Control: The platform allows administrators to manage access permissions, ensuring control over system functionalities while respecting the confidentiality of client trading data.

With our custom trading platform, Risq Trader, empowers traders with advanced tools and features, facilitating efficient trading execution and effective risk management.

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