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For over 30 years, Carey Bros has been a stalwart in the realm of home remodeling, encompassing kitchens, rooms, bathrooms, exteriors, and more. Their daily business operations, involving customers, contracts, estimates, bids, subcontractors, and vendors, have been managed through a legacy Remodeling Estimating Software developed in MS Access. In the pursuit of modern mobility, they approached Dreamer Technoland. The mission was to transform their legacy system into an all-encompassing web and mobile-based ERP solution, ensuring enhanced operational efficiency.


This project yielded a robust system with the following standout features:

  1. Estimates: Generate multiple estimates with varying pricing based on materials or services. Customers can choose an estimate, which can then seamlessly convert into contracts.
  2. Change Orders: Effortlessly create change orders responding to evolving customer requirements, seamlessly integrating with the overall contract.
  3. Payment Tracking: Monitor payments following percentage completion or milestone-based criteria.
  4. Daily Logs: Capture daily activities through visual documentation, allowing on-site personnel to upload images and comments showcasing work progress.
  5. Scheduling: Utilize a comprehensive calendar and Gantt chart to break down projects into manageable steps and efficiently track their execution.
  6. Bidding Process: Solicit bids from vendors and subcontractors, evaluate quotes, and assign projects based on received proposals.
  7. Task Management: Create tasks to streamline internal workflows and enhance coordination among staff.
  8. Owner Portal: Empower owners with a personalized portal for tracking projects, making suggestions, engaging with project managers, accessing schedules, contracts, change orders, payment details, and more.
  9. Vendor Portal: Provide vendors with project-specific access to track assignments, share progress images, and access crucial project documents.
  10. Automated Notifications: Deliver real-time notifications to stakeholders for change orders, project milestones, task completions, and other project-related updates.


In collaboration with Dreamer Technoland, the transition from legacy Remodeling Estimating Software to modernity has equipped Carey Bros with a comprehensive system, enhancing their operational agility and elevating client interactions. As a custom software development company specializing in custom web and app solutions, we take pride in enabling businesses to embrace innovation for optimized growth.


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