Top 5 Reasons Why Business knowledge Is Must For Developing A Customized Software


Business Knowledge

Top 5 Reasons Why Business knowledge Is Must For Developing A Customized Software

Business Knowledge is an asset that affects all activities in and around your business. It is first and most important task for the Team Lead or Project Manager in order to develop a customized solution for any business. This is one of the main reasons for project tardiness or rework.


Top 5 reasons why Business Knowledge is must for:


  1. Catching Requirements: One of the pain points of every employer is to spend lots of time in explaining what he is looking for. This time can significantly be reduced if employee understand the business first which could be initiated by getting basic idea of what employer do, learning from previous similar successful projects and documentation.
  2. Asking Questions: No employer can explain each and everything during knowledge transfer, one or the other thing will always be missed. Having said that, one cannot question if something seems off or obvious without a proper understanding of the Business.
  3. Maintaining Business Rules: Every business has its own specific rules, End user should not compromise with their business rule if they are going for customized software.
  4. Recommending Efficient Solution: Let’s say a customized solution is being designed for converting cumbersome manual work. If one does not understand the purpose of the manual work, it becomes difficult for anyone to provide ideas for updates and enhancements.
  5. Well-Functioning Foresight: If person understand the business, s/he will develop the system keeping future scenario in mind. This will help in reducing effort in future. For example, system should be API driven keeping in mind that mobile application could be required in future which is normal in today’s world. Doing this will reduce 50% of the effort for Mobile application development in future without effecting current development effort.



Understanding of Business makes us confident enough to make right decisions while its lack can create roadblocks for the Project. We at Dreamer Technoland believe at making strong relationships with the people we work and are therefore able to deliver robust, reliable, and efficient customized software solutions from last 12+ years.


Using both technical knowledge and industry-specific skills in the IT sector, we develop customized software as per requirements and assists businesses in creating, deploying, and integrating cutting-edge technology solutions.

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