Technology Trends Transforming the eLearning App Development Services


eLearning App Development

Technology Trends Transforming the eLearning App Development Services

The educational landscape is undergoing a constant transformation due to the continuous evolution of technology. It is creating opportunities for the students who are always on the hunt for flexible learning solutions. Moreover, the pandemic was also a reason that contributed to the flabbergasting growth of eLearning app development services.

All eLearning solutions are widely preferred by learners of all age groups and streams because of easy access to educational content. As per a report, the search volume for eLearning has surged by 271% in the past five years.

Students across the globe are demanding easy-to-understand educational content on various tech-backed topics like AI, ML, VR and AR. With the push, the global eLearning market has undergone a sudden boost where academic firms are delivering versatile learning solutions.

To smoothly provide educational content to scholars, edtech companies and businesses are opting for eLearning app development services. The robust development services enable the eLearning service providers to overcome the challenges with the help of technical solutions.

In this blog, we will uncover the ongoing trends that are revolutionizing e-learning platforms. Stride along till the end to gain a significant understanding of eLearning applications and their market.

What are eLearning Applications?

An eLearning application is a digital solution for formalized learning with the help of electronic resources. Since its invention, eLearning solutions have covered a wide market due to the flexibility of making education accessible and convenient. From companies training their staff to scholars gaining a skill, eLearning applications have completely modernized traditional learning ways.

eLearning solutions are beneficial for both students and teachers. Using an edtech platform, students can access the lectures and download study material. Meanwhile, teachers can record their lessons and prepare educational content and share it online for streaming. Furthermore, via an online platform, teachers can also check for the student’s academic performance.

Elearing software development services are widely availed by companies and businesses that wish to leverage modern tech-packed software and applications. These applications have diversified functionalities that simplify the learning experience.

eLearning Market in a Nutshell

According to the report by Custom Market Insights, the global eLearning market is expected to grow by 17.53% CAGR and reach 848.1 billion USD by 2030. The growing market of digital solutions is a primary reason why everyone is searching for eLearning app development services.

With the incorporation of eLearning solutions, the physical presence of a tutor is no longer needed. Just a recorded lecture is enough to teach a lesson. Moreover, the surging demand and increased competition have significantly impacted educational costs. Now the same level of education is offered to the students at an affordable rate.

The increased market share of eLearning solutions is also a result of smartphones in every household. Edtech companies chose learning management system development services to capture the students with a handset but limited timing and resources. These firms ensured that they provided top-tier content that was easy to grasp and offered learning flexibility.

Furthermore, there are no timings and places associated with the digital learning solutions, learners can take their lesson at their convenience. These two are the major contributors to the growing eLearning market.

Here are a few more statistics about digital learning solutions and the growing demand for education software development services.

  • American originated magazine Forbes reported that the global eLearning market would reach 325 billion USD by 2025.
  • Byju’s, a leading edtech major based out of India is valued at $225 million USD in 2024.
  • As per a report, more than 171 million people would be employed if they were provided with education

These surging numbers are also proof that the world requires reliable eLearning solutions that can bring some positive change to the world.

eLearning App Development Trends

With each passing day, the digital learning industry is evolving and trends for custom educational software development are also changing with the same pace. Let us discuss the development trends that have gained significant popularity in 2024.

  1. Incorporation of AI Driven Chatbots

    With the invention of ChatGPT, and AI backed chatbots, the traditional learning methods have changed. In a few academic applications, AI powered chatbots have replaced doubt solving teachers. Now, whenever a student asks a question, the bot replies with an accurate answer which is easy to understand. Furthermore, edtech firms nowadays look for eLearning software development services that can build such functionality and cut down the requirement of teachers and professors.

  2. Learning with Games

    To make the study and learning a piece of cake for students, the learning management system development process now involves the building of games. Gamifying the traditional learning processes makes the study sessions interactive and improves the learning experience. A few examples of gamifying traditional learning things are puzzles and quizzes. It is an interesting way to provide education, especially to the kids, and make them learn essential concepts with ease.

  3. Microlearning

    Microlearning is a modern learning methodology invented especially for students who lack time and mind. It often happens with the students that they do not have enough time and a present mind to concentrate on their studies. Moreover, the microlearning process divides the complete syllabus into small sections that require less time to complete. This way of making the learning process concise and easy improves the learning curve for the students. For a simplified learning experience, microlearning methodologies are incorporated in the software and applications by educational software development companies.

  4. Use of AR and VR

    To optimize the learning curve, AR and VR are integrated into the traditional eLearning applications. It makes the learning sessions interactive when combined with other technical stuff like IoT and 3D. When merged, all these technologies enable the creation of interactive virtual content which simplifies the difficult concepts. AR, VR and other similar technologies offer more realistic figures and diagrams to the learners helping them in easy understanding. Moreover, it also allows them to remember the tough concepts with accuracy and recall them whenever needed.

  5. Video Content

    The usual lecture where a teacher recites a particular topic and explains the concept often seems boring for the students. Modern learners want an interactive way of understanding the topics, instead of looking at a still picture they want something that is informative. Educational platforms like Smart Every Day, Ted-Ed and ASAP Science are crowded with users who want a video solution for whatever topic they are learning. Edtech firms that invest in educational software development ask for video creation tools within the application to enhance the learning experience.

Steps to an eLearning App Development and Making it Successful

Now we have discussed the ongoing trends of the eLearning industry, let us unpack the steps involved in learning management system development and making it a big hit.

  • Step 1: Before you consult with a web and mobile application development company about eLearning software development services, you should gather some data. The research part involves gathering essential data about the application and features you want.
  • Step 2: Come up with ideas that provide you with a competitive edge and let you withstand the rivals at the initial stage of launching.
  • Step 3: Align a budget for various needs like building an app, deploying, marketing, maintenance, updates and support. Ask the education software development services provider to set up everything in this amount.
  • Step 4: Look for the technological trends like AR, VR, AI and gamification that you wish to integrate into the application. If you are unaware of this, then read the few suggestions that we have added above.
  • Step 5: Begin your consultation with e learning software development services providers like Dreamer Technoland. We specialize in building tailor-made academic applications perfect for teaching students.
  • Step 6: Target the OS on which you wish to release the app. Know the users whom you will be targeting with your eLearning application.
  • Step 7: Invest in marketing campaigns to capture initial users and create a buzz for your application. You can go for the commonly used marketing techniques like social media marketing, influencer marketing and affiliate marketing.
  • Step 8: Ensure the application crafted by eLearning app development company is running smoothly for all users. It builds a strong reputation for your app in the competitive market and sets you at a high bar.
  • Step 9: Provide regular app updates, maintenance and necessary customer support to existing students. It ensures that everything runs in an organized manner and students are 100% satisfied with your services.
Wrapping Up

The rapid expansion of the academic sector is a bliss of increasing use of smartphones and data. That is the primary reason why educational institutions are always on the hunt to leverage modern technology for the betterment of their services. These additional steps are time-consuming and expensive but offer them high returns by enhancing the user experience. Utilize the ongoing tech trends transforming the eLearning industry and improve the learning experience of the scholars. Follow the above-shared steps for eLearning app development services and make a successful business out of it.

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