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Custom Auto Glass Repair Management Software for Quiq

At Quiq Auto Glass, a leading provider of vehicle glass and Adas system repairs, the task of tracking and managing their daily workload was becoming increasingly challenging. With over 200 vehicles serviced on a daily basis, relying on manual Excel sheets for job documentation was no longer efficient. To address this issue, we collaborated with Quiq Auto Glass to develop a comprehensive web and mobile based autoglass software, allowing them to focus their energy on completing jobs rather than documenting them.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Job Creation: Autoglass software enables Quiq to create and manage an unlimited number of jobs, ensuring all necessary details are captured accurately.
  2. Technician Assignment: Jobs can be assigned to available technicians, ensuring efficient allocation of resources and timely completion of tasks.
  3. Comprehensive Job Documentation: Our system allows Quiq Auto Glass to maintain detailed notes, documents, and pictures related to each job and vehicle, providing a comprehensive record of the repair process.
  4. VIN-Based Vehicle Information: Through integration with a third-party tool, our system retrieves Year/Make/Model information based on the VIN number, streamlining data entry and minimizing manual effort.
  5. MVA / VIN Scan: Technicians can utilize a mobile app to scan the MVA (Motor Vehicle Administration) number and mobile number, reducing effort and minimizing errors in data entry
  6. Role-Based Access Rights: Different access levels are implemented, granting specific privileges to operations, accountants, technicians, and administrators, ensuring data security and streamlined workflow.
  7. Client Portal: A dedicated client portal is included, allowing clients to view all completed jobs along with their respective details, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction.

By implementing our auto glass software, Quiq experienced a significant improvement in their job management process. The intuitive interface, comprehensive features, and streamlined workflow have allowed them to optimize their operations and provide exceptional service to their clients.

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