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StarFM, a leading provider of CCTV and Access Control systems for the construction industry on a rental basis, faced challenges managing their daily operations using multiple software applications. The existing solutions were time-consuming, caused confusion, and failed to meet their specific business requirements. To address these issues, we developed a robust and tailored equipment rental software designed exclusively for StarFM. This comprehensive solution revolutionized their workflow and provided seamless management of their entire business process.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Quoting and Contracting: The system enables StarFM to send detailed quotes to clients, covering items and charges, whether on a one-time or weekly basis. Once a quote is accepted, it seamlessly transitions into a contract.
  2. Automated Job Generation: Predefined jobs are automatically generated as soon as a quote converts into a contract, ensuring all necessary tasks are assigned and tracked efficiently.
  3. Streamlined Job Assignment: Jobs are assigned to staff members for site surveys, installation of CCTV and other equipment, ensuring a smooth and organized workflow.
  4. Contract Status Updates: Upon completion of a job, the contract status is automatically updated, and clients are notified via automated email, keeping them informed at every stage of the process.
  5. Accurate Rent Calculation: The system calculates monthly rent based on the assets and contract details, generating accurate and timely invoices.
  6. Seamless Accounting Integration: Invoices are automatically synced with StarFM’s Xero account, facilitating seamless accounting and financial management.
  7. Asset Tracking: The system tracks the number of assets associated with each contract, ensuring proper inventory management and facilitating efficient return processes upon contract decommissioning.

By implementing custom equipment rental software, StarFM experienced a significant improvement in their daily operations. The tailored features, automated processes, and seamless integration with accounting software have enabled them to streamline their workflow, save time, and provide exceptional service to their clients

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